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Finominal Education

Our courses are taught by industry experts. We empower you with practical knowledge through our courses. With us, you get the intensive experience that will expose you to new challenges, and innovative ideas to perform better in your career. 

Our academic excellence goes beyond theoretical knowledge or setting you up to memorize things, our courses are built around applied learning. You and your fellow learners will engage in case studies and assignments, that will transform the way you do your work or understand your job.

We’re proud of people who give us their time and commitment. We’re looking for people who are ready to level up, who care to up-skill and re-skill with changing time and work demand.

One thing we preach is that any learning needs focus, commitment, and consistency

Limitless learning, limitless possibilities

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Finominal Education is a perfect launchpad to gain financial expertise .Our well- versed faculties provides the aspirants with healthy and competitive environment and strive to impart knowledge to gain performance results.We aim towards sculpting you not only for exams and certificates but we will mentor you for your professional career as well.

What's students say?

Hundreds of students are already studying in Finominal Education, it’s time for you to get enrolled. 

Learning with Sushant Sir has been a great experience. He teaches and shares the tips to success as well. Under his guidance, you will not only learn the course material but also how to crack the paper.
You can be a science student or a commerce student or an art student, there is no need for you to worry because Sir takes care of your performance and attends each individual as per their calibre. 

Garvit mittal

I gave my CFA level 1 exam in Dec 2018 . When i started this journery i was not sure till what point or level will i lose my faith . Sushant Sir gave the perfect blend of knowledge and motivation to keep going  on .
I would like to thank you for all the unconditional  support and continual feedback regarding my performance . Thank you for the wonderful mentoring

Rashi maheshwari