Stock Market Trading

What is Technical Analysis Trading?

Trading based on Technical Analysis is the forecasting of future financial price movements based on an examination of past price movements. Like weather forecasting, technical analysis does not result in absolute predictions about the future. Instead, technical analysis can help investors anticipate what is “likely” to happen to prices over time. Technical analysis uses a wide variety of charts that show price over time.

What you will learn in Technical Analysis?

In this course want to learn how to trade stocks profitably, even if you are a complete beginner, “The Stock Trading Course” is designed to give you all the tools and strategies to trade stocks confidently and profitably, step by step. These are essential strategies for stock traders and investors who want to improve their investment and trading performance.

Technical Analysis Versus Fundamental Analysis?

Fundamental analysis is the study of the company information that begins with market type and extends into studying information critical to its effects on the company’s ability to earn money over a period of time for its investors. The Direct Access Trader is more concerned with short and very short-term price swings. A Direct Access Trader is more concerned with technical price moves, intraday momentum, and order imbalance.

What Finominal Education will be offering

  • Finominal EducationTM Faculty will help the students understand the big picture of the market, its trends, the current economic events, the market news headlines, seasonal earnings and other factors that affect options price movement.
  • Complementary current Classroom coaching with a better video-based understanding of the curriculum.
  • Topic-wise study material will be provided in the form of presentations.
  • We will be teaching specific futures and equity trading strategies and trading approaches such as currency/commodity futures and how to manage expiration date trading independently.
  • To empower every student with the relevant skills to engage in the live markets and practicing techniques with over 100 charts on most of the topics and to measure volatility, applying leverage and minimizing risk.
  • We will review your learning and your trade strategy and our Faculty will take Q&A and round table discussions at the end of every module.


Module 1- Stock Market Knowledge

In this Module we will cover basic knowledge about different segments of the stock market like Equity, Derivatives, commodities, options, Currencies, futures, ETF’s and Mutual Funds, Clearing and settlement, Legal and Regulatory Environment, Accounting and taxing of derivative securities

Module 2- Understanding the psychology and why trading is deceptive

In this module we will cover why the market moves in the way it does and why predicting its moves is really powerful. You will learn the special psychology before you enter in the real market. The way to manage and divide your capital, how to not risk your capital and why people make losses and how will you minimize your losses and maximize profits. The basic content includes how to interpret the global events and how can they affect your investments and why and what to look out for. You will study why trading is deceptive and the kind of expectation one needs to set while beginning to trade. You will know how to balance the key rules for timing and basic principles of trading and will be personally counselled about wanting this as a full time or part-time profession.

Module 3- Studying basics of charts and Candlestick patterns

This module will cover what mainly candlesticks are and what drives the bulls and the bear market. Along with simple, single candle, double candle, triple candles and complex candlestick patterns, you will be told separately how to trade each type of candle when you see it on a particular chart. This also includes study of bar charts and line charts. You will learn how to access different websites for charting with the free and premium version.


Module 4- Technical Analysis using support & resistance and Advance Candles

In this we will cover the basis of Using Trend Lines to make buy and sell decisions, Price Patterns Guides, understanding uptrends, downtrends, sideward trends, and mainly all phases of a market. Pure detailed knowledge of Support and Resistance which is the key to set up your own successful trading system and building the foundation of the support and resistance zones and supply and demand relation with the support and resistance along with full-fledged practice over more than 100 charts.

Module 5- Key strategies using patterns

This module will include why exactly technical analysis is used without any thing else by 80% of the successful traders and will include the detailed techniques of candlesticks and tricks to use them in an efficient manner. Understand basic head and shoulders pattern, Reversal Patterns Quick Reference, Continuation Patterns, wedges patterns, double tops, triple tops, double bottoms, triple bottoms, round top and bottoms. This module will guide you in putting all of the above principles in sync and combining technical with fundamental knowledge along with live data analysis and understanding when to exactly enter and exit the trade and Performing a Professional Market Analysis all by yourself, and also Performing a particular Professional Sector Analysis.


Module 6- Stock Indicators

This will include ways to use Moving Averages which the most powerful yet simple Indicator, Slow stochastic and fast stochastic indicator, Momentum Indicators, Rate of Change “ROC” the Trend Strength Indicator, Relative Strength Index explaining how strong is your trend, MacD indicator along with divergence and convergence, and Bollinger bands for confirmations while combining the previously learned knowledge of trading.

Module 7- Strategies using detailed expertise in Indicators

Volume indicators: Understanding Why Volume is mainly important, The Price Volume Relationship, Price & Volume bar Indicators, Money Flow Index, ADX, DMI’s, MA, SMA, EMA, EMA crosses. And this module will include Sentiment & Psychology for Success and an understanding of how the big analysts, institutional investors and buyers, and sellers respond and how the market participants and small retailers think. We also will understand the madness of crowds and market sentiment so that you can have your own unique perspective and opinion on the markets. And also, the detailed explanation of how to use the advanced charting techniques as proper strategies.

Module 8- Developing Stock Market System and Combining aspect of technical and Fundamental Knowledge

This module will teach you the Most Critical thing to become Your Own Guru so that you can build, manage and continually develop your own system to refine your own unique edge in the Stock Market by taking tips from no one and so as to not be dependent on anyone. You create your Stock Market System and you decide what is YOUR system by building your own set of patterns and using a fixed set of indicators, and making a proper Trading System for being independent in this profession. In this, you’ll be taught basics about how to read the news and track out useful info for your trades. This module will include analyzing your risk and reward, keeping stop losses, trailing stop losses, booking profit, uses of the market order, limit order, hidden order, NRML orders, MIS orders, lot sizes, margin sizes, do’s and don’ts of trading with golden rules of being a successful trader, and choosing the right market to trade, the right broker guidance and most qualities of a successful trader with the proper mindset with guided personal mentorship